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Meet Shakti

Shakti is David's most recent casting project.  Created as a limited series of up to 18 castings, she is a 7 feet tall bronze meditating figure.  She weighs about 600 pounds and took years to complete.  She was created using a method called "lost wax".  There are many steps to this process and you can view some of the photos and video in other sections and on our social media channels.

Further editions are available for purchase. Please contact Mr. Van Zandt directly for details and pricing.


She creates a stir where ever she goes!  Hear from those who have seen her in person and their experiences in the video section below.

The intention for her creation is to bring a message of Peace and Compassion to all beings.  Her life force energy is palpable and has one ask the question- does bronze breathe??!


David Van Zandt comments on his impetus for creating Shakti:


"I was impelled by an intense desire to share non-verbal information derived from personal experiences over time, about the ecstatic, transcendent being-ness that can envelop us when we choose to pursue and engage a direct, visceral connection with our divine source. “

Sketch of Shakti
Parts of the mold for Shakti
Poured bronze into molds
Pulling a wax from the mold
Poured bronze pieces
Shakti's head
More Original bronze Sculpture below...


Portrait of Ron, a dear friend, brother and fellow sculptor


Edition of 6

For Sale


"Being in Ron's presence often makes me feel like I am in the regal presence of an Ancient Egyptian Pharoah.  I later learned there were 19 Black Pharaohs during the course of the Ancient Egyptian empire." 

-David Van Zandt